Turn-key P.E. — everything you need to teach quality, standards-based P.E. or recreation for everyone! Our curriculum is set up with standards unpacked and ready to teach for grades K-8, but the games and activities are perfect for anyone aged 4 to 104!  We follow a few very key principles:

  • keep everyone active all the time – no elimination games, no waiting in line for your turn, no standing around!
  • make it fun and rewarding for everyone – create an environment where everyone feels comfortable trying new things
  • use minimal equipment – but do a lot with it!
  • require little or no prep and keep set-up simple
  • incorporate the standards while engaging players in vigorous, fitness-enhancing, purposeful PLAY!
  • emphasize STICK-to-it-ness! Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Integrity, Cooperation and Kindness

If you are looking for a simple, effective, affordable, FUN and rewarding program that benefits EVERYONE, Tandalay is your solution!

Tandalay is a proven, powerful, turn-key physical education, activity, and recreation program designed to simplify YOUR life while adding FUN, excitement and success for everyone! Our site license includes access to thousands of games and activities! Everything we do is with YOU in mind—minimal equipment with maximum FUN; no prep needed; no set-up time; all players active all the time; stress-free P.E.!

Tandalay’s program features THREE developmental levels (pre-K—2; grades 3-5; grades 6-8), each with:

  • 16 Different Units from fitness and dance to soccer and volleyball;
  • 10 complete lesson plans per unit (warm-up, 5 games, cool-down);
  • Ready-to-teach standards; NASPE standards with teaching cues, activity suggestions, and scoring rubrics

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