Staff Development Workshops – P.L.A.Y.
Purposeful Learning for Active Youth…of all ages!

Ready to FIGHT the obesity epidemic with FUN-filled Physical Education? Ready to have teachers AND students who LOVE P.E. time, LOVE to move, and LOVE being fit and healthy? Give us ONE DAY and we will have your teachers psyched, ready, excited, and prepared to PLAY- and not just random PLAY, but standards-driven, empowering, purposeful PLAY. Our hands-on workshops will give your teachers hundreds of ideas that they can implement immediately!

  • We’ll talk about QUALITY Physical Education, simple rules to follow to make every lesson effective and successful for all, and share some tricks and tips to increase the FUN factor – starting with the JOY of Fluffilos!
  • We’ve unpacked the standards, created lessons that are super-simple to teach and super-D-duper fun to play, and we’ve made sure that EVERY lesson includes everyone, requires minimal set-up and prep, and leaves teachers and students alike begging for more!
  • Our program is almost absurdly thorough, ridiculously simple, yet powerfully effective.

Invite us to come share our JOY with you – It’s contagious – you’ll have your staff laughing and playing like you’ve never seen before. You’ll be hanging your head in wonderment – asking  “You call this staff development? Can you come back and host our Christmas Party?”

Call today for your free quote and to book your date – limited days available!

For more information, contact or call or TEXT her cell phone 559-250-0771. We will design your workshop with any special requests in mind. So what are you waiting for? One phone call can literally – and positively – change the lives of EVERY student at your school! YOUR kids will LOVE to move and will EMBRACE fitness and activity for a LIFETIME! Tandalay Players are MOVERS and SHAKERS! Shake it baby!!

P.S. Schools who do not welcome JOY in LEARNING need not apply.  See you soon!!

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