Looking for some fun new toys to simplify your physical education and recreation experience? Shop here to get the most holla outa yo dolla! =)  We believe that every player – or at least every pair of players – should have their own piece of equipment. So instead of having a ton of different types of equipment, we support the idea of having only a few different items that are very versatile and fun, and then providing these fun toys for every player! Rather than spending the time and expense of setting up a 20-item-required obstacle course, why not engage every player in movement with thier own piece of FUN? At our shop, you’ll find:

  • Fluffilos, hula hoops, jump ropes, awesome fitness music, workout card decks, and more!
  • Versatile, success-enhancing equipment specifically selected for ease of use, confidence-building, and FUN!
  • Tandalay Curriculum memberships for individuals, schools, and recreation programs
  • Ordering is quick and easy! SHOP NOW!


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