Physical education, while quite possibly the most important subject in school, seems to take a backseat to “academics” more often than not. A quality physical education program helps reduce obesity, increases learning, builds confidence, prevents disease, and promotes healthy habits for a lifetime. The goal of Tandalay and of Kids Moving Incorporated is to provide an opportunity for every child at every school in every classroom to experience the JOY of PLAY through a quality physical education program that not only meets the core competency physical education curriculum standards, but exceeds them by leaps and bounds – literally!

To that end, they have teamed up – Tandalay, with a curriculum program extraordinaire, and Kids Moving Inc., a nonprofit on a mission for obesity education and prevention through movement – to make this goal possible. You can now access Tandalay’s complete physical education curriculum at no charge!  The Tandalay Physical Education Curriculum is almost absurdly thorough, ridiculously simple, yet powerfully effective. So effective in fact, that instead of kids forging notes to get out of P.E., we have heard multiple stories of kids hiding their notes so that they can play!

Can you find comparable physical education curriculum programs out there? Sure! How does Tandalay compare to say, SPARK PE? Interestingly, many principles and superintendents have compared the two programs side by side. Every single time, Tandalay’s program has been preferred. Compare for yourself. Tandalay’s program has more unpacked and ready to teach PE standards; uses less equipment; requires little or no prep and/or set up time; all of the players really are active and engaged all the time; the lesson plans are complete – including focus standards, a warm up, practice activities, lead-up games, a challenge, and a cool-down; and best of all, they are now FREE!

With the help of Kids Moving Incorporated, Tandalay is now offering 48 complete units of lesson plans – each unit with 10 lesson plans in each! That is over 480 complete lesson plans, and includes over 2,000 activities!  And that is only the tip of the iceberg! In order to keep the program available for free, donations are welcome. Kids Moving Inc. is a new nonprofit organization formed to empower and inspire young people to be their very best selves through conscious decision making – from healthy habits with activity and nutrition – to social and academic decisions as well. Kids Moving is in the process of creating programs for communities, schools, and individuals who are ready to rock the status quo, embrace change, and get out there and get dirty!

Check back here frequently for your opportunity to join the tribe! Change is coming. The world is searching for leaders who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, challenge the way things are being done, and step up, speak out, and take action! The world, the nation, and our kids, need YOU.

Delve into Tandalay Curriculum. Play some games. Have some fun. If you find value in it and you notice that it saves you time, makes your life easier and more enjoyable, and you rediscover the JOY of play, please donate to keep the site alive. You are making a difference and very literally changing the shape of the nation!


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