It’s time to shed that brain-dead-techno-bot-couch-potato self we all turn into now and then, and get out there and get active! With the Zombie Apocalypse on its way, it is high time for us all to get in shape – if for no other reason than to be able to outrun those buggers! In all seriousness though, we all have our moments of zombied-out listlessness. Here’s the challenge: Identify two or three zombie-like activities in your life that might prevent you from activities that could be more beneficial and rewarding. For example, watching TV or spending too much time on facebook or watching YouTube videos (yes, I know those kittens are cute!). Then identify two substitute behaviors. For example, going for a walk or playing some fun Fluffilo games with your kids. You might pick up that great book you’ve been wanting to read, or look up a new healthy recipe for dinner. The key is to make sure you have an alternate healthy behavior. Don’t just tell yourself that you cannot watch TV, but reward yourself with something better!

The threat of the walking-dead eating your brains might be scary enough, but let’s not let our very own actions turn us into brain-dead people walking! Activity and movement actually increase brain development and learning, along with a myriad of other benefits!

Shed the Zombie!

Couch-Potato Zombies!  "Couchbies"

Shed the Zombie!

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