Play for Joy is a site dedicated to physical educators, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to promote and support active living and healthy choices — while reducing obesity, increasing movement, and having FUN! You will discover exciting new ways to increase fitness while engaging in vigorous, health-enhancing games and activities. Physical Education and fitness training can and should be FUN for everyone – not filled with drudgery and dread. Explore the powerful yet simple solutions we’ve included for you – we guarantee that if you use the products and ideas included here, you will be astonished and excited about just how easy and effective teaching PE, fitness and recreation can be!


Tandalay Curriculum

Turn-key P.E. — everything you need to teach quality, standards-based P.E. or recreation for everyone! Our curriculum is set up with standards unpacked and ready to teach for grades K-8, but the games and activities are perfect for anyone aged 4 to 104!  We follow a few very key principles: keep everyone active all the time […]


Kids Moving Incorporated

Kids Moving Incorporated is a new nonprofit bringing opportunities to PLAY in your schools and communities! YOU can become a Kids Moving PLAY Coach – first as a volunteer, and then as an independent PLAY Coach! Get in on the fun right from the beginning! PLAY Clubs and Programs are starting now. If you are […]



Looking for some fun new toys to simplify your physical education and recreation experience? Shop here to get the most holla outa yo dolla! =)  We believe that every player – or at least every pair of players – should have their own piece of equipment. So instead of having a ton of different types […]



The fun, fluffy, colorful yarn balls that make P.E. fun, successful, and rewarding for all! Build confidence and increase skills with these easy-to-catch, easy-to-throw balls of FUN! Catch the rainbow! =)


PLAY app

Our iPhone app, Physical Education Games and Activities from P.L.A.Y. (Purposeful Learning for Active Youth…of all ages!) provides physical education and healthy games and activities that are super fun to play, easy to set up, and need minimal equipment. The games in this application use Fluffilos (what’s a Fluffilo?) and Hula Hoops as the primary […]


My PE – Physical Education Assessment & Reporting Tool

With you can assess how well your players are achieving the standards, and provide individual and class reports for parents and administrators! Finally — a tool that measures all of the standards — not just skill, participation, dressing out, or attitude! Measure movement skills, cognitive understanding, personal and social responsibility, and participation and knowledge […]


Staff Development – P.L.A.Y. (Purposeful Learning for Active Youth) with Tandalay!

Staff Development Workshops – P.L.A.Y. Purposeful Learning for Active Youth…of all ages! Ready to FIGHT the obesity epidemic with FUN-filled Physical Education? Ready to have teachers AND students who LOVE P.E. time, LOVE to move, and LOVE being fit and healthy? Give us ONE DAY and we will have your teachers psyched, ready, excited, and […]


PLAY Certification

Getting P.L.A.Y. Certified means that you take fitness, health, movement, and PLAY seriously. You believe that EVERY body deserves the opportunity to play his/her way to fitness, health, and happiness – and that this happiness comes from ENJOYING and EMBRACING every minute of every day. It means that YOU are ready to make a difference […]

Teaching P.E.

Teaching P.E. is  a site dedicated to helping PE teachers and recreation leaders be the best they can be! Check frequently for teaching tips, new lesson plans, standards info, free videos, and more! FREE downloads coming soon!